Brown Bear India

“Brown Bear” indicates exclusivity, and it is also the mark of our company. “Brown Bear” was started almost 3 decades ago in Germany. After its success the brand launched in India in 2019. “Brown Bear” is committed to its family and members with high quality Genuine Leather, finest Craftsmanship and Classic design. We, as a team have a passion for the Leather and to deliver the best is our goal.

We present a wide selection of premium quality men’s and women’s leather accessories, meticulously crafted, wide range of colors and select design mark on each of our products. Our products are excellent gift items and ideal for personal use also. Each piece is embossed with the exclusive “Brown Bear” embossing or Metal logos. Savvy domestic customers or choosy overseas clients, each one with diverse choice and individual preferences is sure to find just the rare piece they are looking for.